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The reconstruction of this flat in an old building didn‘t stop at the stairs. To give the flat a warmer ambience the stone stairs have been covered with robus oak wood. 

Trip Trap from Stone to Wood

Also the herringbone pattern parquet is also made from oak wood

and gives a nice contrast to the oak wood on the stairs.

Parquet meet Stairs

That was tricky. There was not very much space and we had to build a steep stair in the old building family flat. 

We decided to buid an s-shaped stair to the next floor out of with spruce wood, keep most elements with it‘s natural color and paint some elements white.


Steep Stairs Stiege

Stairs - safe but beautiful

We searched quite a while to find that nice robinewood that fitted to the existing floor which was made with spruce wood.

The result: an elegant stair to the first floor of this one family house.

Wendeltreppe „Robinie“